Teaching Philosophy

I am here to help my students both understand and enjoy music. Just as importantly, students will be able to interpret music independently to become their own teacher in the future.

Helping my students to understand music is my number one task. This includes understanding different musical styles, (such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionism, Contemporary, and Modern), the form of the piece, and the theory inside of the piece. The reason for this is we have to understand the music before we truly enjoy it. After having a good understanding of the piece, we are able to enjoy it and have fun with it, which in turn brings creativity and motivation to continue learning.

In the lessons, I would like to spend some time on learning new pieces with my students instead of just reviewing the homework from the previous week. I want to be able to help prevent the problems (wrong rhythms, wrong notes, wrong fingerings, wrong articulations, etc.) at the very beginning and build a good habit of practicing well. For instance, the first thing to do when we get a new piece is not to play it on the piano immediately. Instead, we should spend a few minutes on observing the score and analyzing the music even before we put our hands on the piano.

By just looking at the score, we know the tempo of the piece, the meter of the piece, the key of the piece, the problematic spots, and the differences verses similarities in the pieces.

All in all, I really believe everyone will enjoy the music after they understand it. My responsibility is to help students to understand and enjoy the music instead of simply playing the piano like a robot with nothing in mind. I hope my students can develop and become their own teachers, have their own tastes on music, and enjoy playing the piano throughout their lifetime with all the knowledge learned from our lessons.

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