Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free Introductory Session?

There is no charge for the introductory session. This is an opportunity for us to meet, for you to see the studio, look at the materials, enjoy a trial lesson, and get answers to any questions you may have about piano lessons, instruments, tuition and scheduling.

What is the right age to start piano lessons?

I recommend potential students wait until they are least 5 years old to start piano lessons. The reason is that students need a certain amount of attention span, self-awareness, and maturity to follow the instructions in the lessons.

Do you teach adult students?

Yes, I enjoy working with adult students and welcome adult students from all levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced). It is fun and fulfilling to play the piano no matter what your age!

Do I need to have a piano at home to practice?

Yes, I encourage students to rent or purchase an acoustic piano instead of practicing on a keyboard or digital piano. Even though they have weighted keys, most keyboards and digital pianos only offer the option of playing louder or softer, but not any other variation in tone quality. They do not respond adequately to the variety of expressive and technical demands each student is learning to master in the lessons.

How much practice time is required?

There is no set time for practicing, however, it is important that a child spends quality time with his/her piano rather than quantity. It is also very important to have concentrated and focused practice session on a daily basis.

How do payments work?

The per-week cost is roughly $60 for 45-min lesson students, and $75 for 60-min lesson students. Tuition is billed monthly and is due at the first lesson of each calendar month.

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